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The Japan Association for Play Therapy (JAPT) is comprised of Board Members who are mental health practitioners specializing in the use of play therapy with children. JAPT is dedicated to promoting and advocating play, therapeutic play and play therapy, and conducts research and training workshops on these topics. Additionally, JAPT is actively engaged in public relations activities to raise awareness about the benefits of play, therapeutic play, and play therapy for children.


Over the past few years, our lives have undergone significant changes as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, and it is highly probable that these changes will continue to affect our future. The widespread impact of the virus led to an unprecedented surge in stress and anxiety, affecting both adults and children alike, and pushing many of us into a state of crisis. While we are returning to our previous way of life, the effects of the pandemic are still ongoing.


JAPT has created a manual of play-based activities aimed at supporting children, their caregivers, and other responsible adults in coping with the challenges of the current situation (currently available only in Japanese). The activities of the manual are designed to help individuals manage and overcome the adversities they may face. While this manual is geared towards supporting the mental health and well-being of infants to lower elementary-aged children, it can be adapted to benefit children of any age. Families, schools and other adults supporting children are encouraged to use this manual as a reference to help children navigate these challenging times. JAPT’s hope is that these activities will provide a helpful tool for families (caregivers and children alike) to regain their confidence and peace of mind.

Please click here for the manual (in Japanese)

[Using Play to Promote Children’s Mental Health Amidst Stressful Situations: A Guide for

Parents, Teachers, and Caregivers in the Era of COVID-19] (in Japanese)


To help children regain their sense of safety and security, it is essential for adults to first regain their own sense of safety and security. Parents, family members, and kindergarten and school teachers who work with children are already taking steps to ensure their own and their children’s peace of mind. There are also additional measures that they can take to help children cope with disasters and other challenging experiences. After the Great East Japan Earthquake, JAPT created a manual titled “Play-Based Support for Children’s Mental Health” which outlines various ways that adults can support children who have gone through such experiences (currently available only in Japanese).

Click the image to download it in PDF format (in Japanese)

A training video that complements this manual is accessible for free (available in Japanese only). One may choose to watch specific content of interest rather than viewing the entire video.

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